Deal Or No Deal: The Perfect Play - Player Instructions


Deal Or No Deal: The Perfect Play is a 5-reel 5-line slot inspired by the classic pub fruits. The game has 16 features and a range of cash prizes to be won as well as the classic Deal or No Deal game. Will you have the Perfect Play?

Step 1: Getting Started

  1. Click the STAKE button to increase or decrease the amount of your STAKE. Select from the list of available stakes from the STAKE options (depending on Operator configuration and currency equivalent).
  2. Click 'START' to start your game.
  3. There is an Autoplay function in the game that will start each spin automatically. If you wish to cancel this during your auto spins then simply press the Stop Autoplay button.

Step 2: How To Play

Triggering the BONUS will cause a dapple awarding either:

Stopper: This causes a Stopper, highlighting different locations around the board and wherever it lands is awarded to the player. Boost: This boosts the player further down the trail. Win Spin: The reels spin to a prize.

Triggering the SUPER BOARD Trail will initiate the top game. From this point a series of Features and Cash prizes can be won by moving around the board dictated to by the number in the middle of the board.

The Trail Bonus awards one of the following:

  • Feature+: Increases the feature board on the left.
  • Cash+: Increases the cash board on the right.
  • Free Spin: Awards an additional Free Spin. Winnings are put into the cashpot.
  • Arrow: Moves the player to the inside of the board.
  • Phone: Collect three or more to Enter the Deal or No Deal Bonus.
  • Heart: Collect three to award an extra life.
  • Cash Out: Forces the player out of the Trail Bonus with a dapple which awards a prize or lose.
  • Multiplier: A multiplier of the player's stake is put into the cashpot.
  • Bonus: Awards a Bonus.
  • Mystery: Awards a Stopper, Cash Out or Heart.
  • Features

    Deal or No Deal

    Auto Play

    Payout Information and Game Rules

    The maximum win from a single game is £250,000 or 10,000xBet - whichever is reached first (or currency equivalent. Other Operator limits may apply).

    Applicable date from: 02/05/2018