Leprechauns Luck

5-reel 20-line slot game

The objective of Leprechauns Luck is to obtain winning symbol combinations by spinning the reels.

To play the game:

  • The reels can be spun automatically. Note that you must first set the Autoplay limitations. Click here for more information.
  • Info pages:

    About payouts:

    Maximum Win Limit

    Wild Symbol

    The Wild symbol can stand for any symbol except the Pot of Gold Scatter symbol , the Free Spins Scatter symbol and the Wishing Well Scatter symbol to make the best possible winning combination.

    Scatter Symbols

    There are 3 Scatter symbols in Leprechauns Luck.

    Rainbow of Wealth Bonus

    Wishing Well Bonus

    Free Spins

    Progressive Jackpot

    The progressive jackpot works as follows:

    Initial jackpot value (the money in the jackpot at launch):

    EUR 20,000 (or its equivalent in other currencies)

    Reseed fund (the money the jackpot resets to after being won):

    Varies depending on the number of contributions made before the jackpot was most recently won.

    Average contribution rate (what average percentage of each bet goes into the Progressive Jackpot):


    Win requirements (what you need to do to qualify for the progressive jackpot):

    Play the Leprechauns Luck game.

    Return to Player

    The theoretical percentage return to player (RTP) is 86.41% without the jackpot, and 88.00% with the jackpot.




    Open the reference screen that describes the different game components.

    Auto Start / Stop

    Spin the reels a number of times in succession. / End the active Auto Start reelspin mode.

    + and – buttons

    Increase or decrease the number of successive spins made with Auto Start.


    Activate one more payline or reset.

    Bet Max

    Activate all paylines with the maximum line bet, and spin the reels.

    Spin / Stop

    Spin the reels. / Stop the reelspin animation and immediately display the spin result. In the active Auto Start mode stop the reelspin animation and immediately display the result. Clicking Stop in the active Auto Start mode does not end the Auto Start reelspin mode.

    Casino toolbar

    The lower and upper edges of the game window hold the casino toolbars. These toolbars contain a number of menus and buttons that allow you to change client settings or take advantage of the various features available in the casino client.

    The bottom toolbar contains the following:


    Your game window balance. This is the total money which you can use to play the current casino game, consisting of your Real Money balance as well as all the bonuses available for this game. Read more about the display of game-specific bonuses here.


    Clicking this button opens the Cashier window, where you can make deposits and withdrawals, see your transaction history, etc.

    Play for Real Money

    This button appears only in Fun and Anonymous modes. Clicking it will take you to the Real Money account creation page. If you already have a Real Money account, it will take you to the Play for Real Money login screen.

    Free Spin Bonus

    This icon is displayed only in games in which you have bonus Free Spins available. Clicking this icon opens the Free Spins Bonus Panel. Read more about the display of game-specific bonuses here.

    Golden Chip Bonus

    This icon is displayed only in games in which you have the Golden Chip bonus available. Clicking this icon opens the Golden Chip menu. Read more about the display of game-specific bonuses here.

    The top toolbar contains the following:


    Next to this icon is the quick launch menu. Mouse over any category to see the available games in that category. Click on any game to launch that game.

    Game Master

    Game Master is a feature that enables you to find your next game adventure! It contains various game categories from which you can choose games to play.

    To open the Game Master window, click on the . If the Game Master promotion banner is displayed, click on the banner to open the Game Master window.

    If a category contains more games than can be displayed at once, arrow buttons will appear when you hover over the category. Click on the arrow buttons to navigate through the games.

    When you have found your desired game, click on the appropriate game icon to start the game.

    Click the ‘X’ icon to exit the Game Master window.

    Sound On/ Off

    Clicking this button will disable/enable sound effects.


    Mouse over this icon to open the Tools menu. The menu contains the following:

    • History - Opens the game history window, where you can see the details of recent game rounds. Note that the history is unavailable in Fun and Anonymous modes.
    • Options - Opens the options dialog, where you can change various gameplay settings. Click here to learn more about the options.
    • Help - Opens the help article that you are reading right now.
    • Support - Support lets you contact a customer support specialist, if one is online.

    Clicking this button changes the game to full screen.


    Clicking this button closes the game window.

    If multigame view is enabled for this game the top toolbar also contains the following buttons:

    2-game view

    Clicking this button opens the 2-game view.

    4-game view

    Clicking this button opens the 4-game view.

    1-game view

    Clicking this button closes the multigame view and takes you back to the regular view.

    Please note that it is not possible to open more than one copy of the same game in multigame view.

    Gadget bar

    The Gadget opening bar is displayed on the right side of the game window when at least one gadget is enabled. Clicking on the opening bar opens the Gadget bar menu. The Gadget bar can contain mini games and various special offers. Only one gadget can be opened at a time. Clicking on another Gadget closes the previous one.

    Note on disconnections:

    Note on malfunctions: A malfunction voids all pays and plays.

    Note on unresolved bets: Unresolved bets placed become void after 90 days.

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