Cupid - Wild At Heart - Player Instructions


Cupid is a 5-reel 20-line slot game which you're bound to fall head over heels for! The game has 3 lovable bonus features as well as modifiers which can be triggered on any spin by the lovable Cupid himself!

Step 1: Getting Started

  1. Click the TOTAL BET button to increase or decrease the amount of your TOTAL BET. Select from the list of available stakes from the Total Bet options (depending on Operator configuration and currency equivalent).
  2. Click 'SPIN' to start your game.
  3. There is an Autoplay function in the game that will start each spin automatically. If you wish to cancel this during your auto spins then simply press the Stop Autoplay button which will appear at the top of where the Autoplay button was previously along with the remaining number of spins.

Step 2: How To Play

Reel Wins

Wild Symbol

Cupids Golden Hearts

- Cupid Wilds - As the reels are spinning Cupid will fire on Cupid Wilds down each row of the reels. Wilds can be either standard Cupid Wilds, Wilds + Respin or Wilds with all wins paying doubled.

- Love Streak - Cupid Love streak will bring in 3 mystery symbols as part of a win. The reels will then respin, with every gaining mystery symbol being held. When no more mystery symbols are held, the symbols are revealed and all wins paid.

- Colossal Spin - Colossal Spin reveals a 3x3 Colossal symbol in the reels in one of three positions. When the symbol lands, should it make a win all wins are paid to the player.

- 5 of a kind - If 5 of a Kind is revealed, it will guarantee a player a 5 of a kind win.

- Love Struck - If the player picks Love Struck, the reels will land and lightning will turn reel positions into a win.

- Bonus - This will guarantee a player a Bonus.

Bonus Activation

The player enters the bonus by achieving 3 bonus symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5. There is no payout awarded directly for getting this, just entry to one of the bonus rounds.

There will be 3 unique bonuses which will be determined by the Bonus symbol in reel 5.

Mystery Cash Bonus

After a short transition the player will be presented with Cupid flying near a chest of money. Here the player will be prompted to pick a heart which will either reveal 'Fire' or 'Collect'. If the player reveals 'Fire' Cupid will fire an arrow at the chest and it will award a mystery amount.

The player keeps picking until a collect is revealed thus ending the feature.

Cupids Trail Bonus

After a short screen transition the player will be presented with a secondary bonus screen where Cupid will be at the bottom of the trail of Mount Olympus.

The bonus shall be split into two stages; Stage 1 is a multiplier trail up the Gates of Olympus to the BIG MONEY Bonus (stage 2).

The player always begins in stage 1 and is required to select Hearts in order to advance along the trail increasing the total bet multiplier. Revealing a COLLECT will cause the feature to end. Revealing Love Dash will cause Cupid to advance up the trail quicker. If the BIG MONEY Bonus end game is reached, Cupid will pick from big hearts in the sky to win a BIG MONEY multiplier.

Cupid Free Spins

A screen transition will occur and the player will be taken to a new destination, a night time scene where Cupid will appear and fire his bow leaving the player with a pick me option. Here the player can pick one of the three hearts awarding 1 of 3 potential Free Spins Rounds. They are Multiplying Wilds, Sticky Wilds and Expanding Wilds.

The player is then awarded 10 Free Spins with whichever Wild they activated in the initial pick.

When the player uses all 10 Free Spins, Free Spins is over and the winnings are paid to the player.

Jackpot King Deluxe Pot System

Auto Play

Payout Information and Game Rules

The maximum win from a single game is £250,000 or 10,000xBet - whichever is reached first (or currency equivalent. Other Operator limits may apply).

Applicable date from: 13/09/2017