How To Play

This game is a 6 reel slot game with up to 700,000 ways to win! All wins are paid from left-to-right starting with the leftmost reel.

Initially, reel 1 can show between 3 and 8 symbols per spin, and reels 2 to 6 can each show between 2 and 7 symbols per spin.

The number of symbols on each reel multiplied together is the total number of ways a win can be achieved.

Upon a win being obtained, the winning symbols are removed and the symbols above cascade down to fill the empty positions. Any wins are paid, and the cascade repeats until no further wins are present.

The WILD symbol substitutes for all symbols except the RED POTION and BLUE POTION symbols.

At the start of each game, between 1 and 5 potions will randomly appear above reels 2 to 6. Each potion will either be red or blue in colour. During each spin, all wins and bonus symbols cascade and any potions above will fall onto the reels. At the bottom of each of reels 2 to 6 there is a cauldron, and once a potion is in the bottom row it falls into the cauldron and triggers a Reel Modifier.

This continues until there are no more wins or BONUS symbols in view.


When a blue potion is triggered, the corresponding reel expands to be double its original height, and fills up with the symbols above in the reels. At this point, a red potion is added above the reels, and can cascade down to trigger as before. The reel cannot exceed 10 symbols in height.

During Free Spins, if a blue potion is triggered (either in the spin which triggers Free Spins, or in one of the Free Spins), this reel is then locked at that height for the remainder of Free Spins.


When a red potion is triggered, all symbols on the corresponding reel become WILD. A new potion will be added, but only once the WILD symbols have been used in a winning combination. A red or blue potion will be added above the reels.

If a bonus symbol is replaced by a WILD after a RED POTION is activated, the bonus symbol will be awarded.

During Free Spins, a reel that has been turned WILD by a red potion may, at random, display a MEGAWAYS™ Multiplier. This multiplies the number of ways to win symbols on that reel by the displayed multiplier value. In effect, this increases the number of MEGAWAYS™ on that reel (and overall).


You can choose to buy the Free Spins bonus for a fixed price of 50x bet with the “BUY PASS” button. On confirming, the reels will spin to a position yielding either a 4x, 5x or 6x BONUS symbol combination. This function may not be available in your jurisdiction.


When a BONUS symbol has landed on a reel it adds one to the meter at the side of the reels, and then explodes and new symbol fill the reels.

The FREE SPIN meter is cleared when no more cascades occur.

Collecting 3 or more BONUS Symbols within each FREE SPIN will retrigger the FREE SPIN feature and award additional spins based on the table below.

Bonus Symbols

Initial Trigger














Free Spins are played with the same total bet, awards and winning combinations as the base game which triggered the bonus.

Free Spins will end when there are no Free Spins remaining.

Free Spins will end when the maximum win has been achieved.